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The Habit 1919, Commencment Issue


This is a digitization of 'The Habit 1919, Commencment Issue' a weekly news and activities announcment pamphlet, produced by the students and faculty of the Salina Kansas, High School, also known as the 'Washington High School'. Besides being the 'Commencment Issue' it also acts as a photographic Year Book (Yearbook), for the school. Over the years the title of the year book changed;
Only Once (1900)
Year Book (1903)
The Climax (1906)
The Rare-Bit (1907)
The Annual (1908)
The Classman (1909)
The High (1910)

and then begining around 1912 possibly before;
The Habit (1912-1923)

The Trail, (1924-currently 'Trail' for Salina High School Central.)

Besides looking for the school building's location, I have also given examples of various photographs of the Oakdale Park Fountain, one picture from 1892, while the newer pictures were taken in 2011. I also looked up information on the student Zoa Beichley, although it says she died on December 6th, the newspaper "Salina Daily Union" of that day says she died the day before. She and her mother, who died a few days earlier became ill and died of pneumonia.

Unfortunately my book digitizer is only good for books up to 10 inches, (about 25 and a half millimeters), so the edges of the book have been cropped out of the images, where you'd normally see blank space, there would have been metal brackets. I tried to scan this book with a flat bed scanner at 400 dpi, but it did not work, and froze while saving the images, so I had to resort to digitizing it in this way, also in 400 dpi. However the camera does curve the images a bit, sorry for any lack of quality.

For more information on this school, it's building or more about Salina, Kansas you might like to read the following books.

Illustrated Salina: The Forest City; Frederick A. Loomis, S. E. Rankin Publisher, 1892. (Also on Internet

Salina: Mart of the Middle West; Salina Commercial Club, Padgett's Printing House; 1908. (Also on Internet

Salina: 1858-2008 (Images of America); Salina History Book Committee; Arcadia Publishing; 2008; ISBN: 0738561819,

and you might like to read the Wikipedia article, about the school that would later replace this one, and for which this year book series would be continued.

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